What is KOLT?

KOLT is an event where artists from different art forms and people who work with creativity meet to work together, share experiences, take part in each other's creative process and build networks.

Why did KOLT start?

We who work with Kolt believe that there are enormous resources and ideas to be liberated by crossing the borders between us. We believe that all creative processes basically are the same kind of work, and that they have a common core independently of what material and methods of expression you work with.

Kolt was founded as a place to share both precise and universal experiences in creative work, and to do this while you are in the middle of work. The practical participation, to stand next to someone working and to work together with them, gives you a direct and physical experience of a creative work-process. You are a spectator from the outside, but also a co-creator contributing with your point of view and knowledge during the work. One's own work developed, but is also understood in relation to the work of others.

KOLT´s participants

Kolt is aimed to professional artists and people who acknowledges creative processes as a part of their work. You can apply to Kolt if work with performance, dance, design, architecture, programming, fine arts, film, photography, philosophy, sculpture, literature, joik, conceptual art, installations, virtual art, light design, music, drawing, scenography, theatre, fashion design, etc.

A Kolt participant can come from any of creative professions. The most important aspect is the willingness to explore their work and to have an interest in collaborations that defies traditional borders.

KOLT´s audience

There are two types of Kolt, one that is closed to the public and one that is open to the public.

A closed Kolt gives the participants the opportunity to focus on their own process and to experiment without having to create a finished result.

An open Kolt have some days in the end of the working period that are open to the public. The participants get the opportunity to show the projects that created during the Kolt-week and examples of their work outside Kolt. The audience will experience both ideas that have been created there and then during this Koltet and fully developed finished works of art the individual artistic have brought with them. The goal is to create a dialogue with the audience about art and the artistes processes

KOLT and it locations

Art that is created outside the major cities has other conditions, other challenges, often work with other themes and have different audience (s). We often organized Kolt outside cities and these questions are a part of Kolt. Kolt was founded on the fact that our careers as artists, in a natural way, had an international character. We are not tied to just one place. We are strongly connected to our childhood environment and culture as an important base for our creation. Nature and culture is important to us and our creative, whether they come from an “Ecological hippie” village in Bohuslän, Sweden or from a small Sámi community in Kautokeino.

KOLT stands for Kind of Like This, which refers to the process of the creative work. When you are in the middle of a process you do not know what the outcome will be. It can be frustrating. At Kolt we want to create a safe playground where artists can work without having to think too much about the result. They can challenge themselves, test things and thus also develop as creative people and create better art.

Kolts organizers

KOLT has been organized annually since 2007, first in Bohuslän, Sweden and since 2010 in Norwegian Sápmi. Choreographer Alexandra Wingate, designer / architect Torsten Ottesjö and literary editor Tormod Otter Johansson that founded KOLT. From 2009 Alexandra Wingate works as KOLTs project manager and artistic director. Choreographer Elle Sofe Henriksen from Kautokeino participated in organizing KOLT Riddu and KOLT Kautokeino.

KOLT Platform has been a reoccurring event at Bottna Cultural festival in Bohuslän, Sweden in 2010 and 2011. In Sápmi KOLT Platform has been a part of the indigoes arts festival Riddu Riđđu in 2010, the Sámi Easter festival in 2011 and the festival Márkomeannu in 2012.