Applying to Kolt.

You apply to Kolt thought our Application form.

Do not be nervous! 

We do not expect our participants to be good writers. But we do need you to give us the information we ask for. You write in the way that suits you. The application can be in North Sami, Norwegian, Swedish or English.

You can also apply to Kolt by sending an audio file or recording. List of questions

It is important that you send us examples of your artistic work (images, texts, video, recordings, web link, article, revive, etc.). 

Material via e-mail should be sent to Mark e-mails with name and which Kolt you want to participate in ex: “Alexandra Wingat KOLT Bokenäs”.  Please send attached files in standard formats such as PDF or doc, and mark all files with you name.

Every Kolt has max number participants. If there is more applicants than Kolt can accept, we will aim to create a diverse group.


KOLT Kautokeino

Not open for application in 2014

KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg

Not open for application in 2014

KOLT Bokenäs

Not open for application in 2014

We look forward to your application!

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact:
Alexandra +46 702 822 622
Elle Sofe +47 481 26 817
Torsten + 46 706 677 951