KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg

Where: Bottna Gerlesborg in Bohuslän, west coast of Sweden. Se map.
Number of participants: 15-20 participants 
Registration fee:
Application Deadline. Not open for application in 2012.

KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg brings together artists from the Nordic countries and the whole of Europe. KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg has been organized since 2007 and happens in a very energetic and creative part of Bohuslän. We will work, live and have KOLT Platform at Botnik Studios.

The Gerlesborg art school.
The collective artist workshop in Bohuslän.
Portol for several organisations and projects in Bottna Gerlesborg.
Read more about KOLT Bottna Gerlesbrog se Practical information.

Here are some ways artist have worked at previous Kolts:

  • You can come unprepared and find someone to work with at KOLT. Create a completely new project with someone you have never worked with before.
  • You can come with an already existing project. You work with the project during the KOLT and choose how you would like to involve the other participants. They give feedback on your project or that they participate in the project during the KOLT.
  • You can work as a facilitator, for someone in KOLT, without having your own project. To take part in someone else’s process and get inspired.

Inviting the public; KOLT Platform 

KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg will open one afternoon + evening to the audience. KOLT Platforms program consists of projects that the participants have created during the Kolt-week and finished work they have brought with them.
If you want to bring a already finished piece as a part of KOLT Platform you must notified this in your application. Read more about the prerequisites for bringing finished work Practical information. Here you can also read about the travel, working facilities, weather, etc.

To Apply
Every Kolt has max number participants. If there is more applicants than Kolt can accept, we will aim to create a diverse group.

We look forward to your application!
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact: