At KOLT artists from different art forms and people who work with creativity meet to work together, share experiences, take part in each other's creative process and build networks.

KOLT is for anybody who acknowledges creative processes as a part of their work. You can apply to Kolt if work with performance, dance, design, architecture, programming, fine arts, film, photography, philosophy, sculpture, literature, conceptual art, installations, virtual art, music, scenography, theatre, fashion design, etc.

In 2011 Kolt will happen at three different locations in Sweden and Norway; Bottna Gerlesborg and Bokenäs in Bohuslän on the Swedish West-Coast and Kautokeino in Northern Norway. Each Kolt has its own profile and duration. Read more about which Kolt may suit you. Se locations on a map.


June 12. KOLT Guatemala installation / performance at Riddu Riđđu festivála.
July 9 - 13. Reunion KOLT Guatemala on Riddu Riđđu festivála.
June 29: KOLT Guatemala installation / performance at Tecpán.
May 23 - June 3. KOLT Guatemala, Solola, Guatemala.


The pilot study KOLT Sápmi has received funding from the Nordic Cultural Fund and in the fall of 2014, the project will take shape.

Calender in detail: