About Kautokeino

Kautokeino multiplicity is located in central Finnmark in northern Norway. Kautokeino multiplicity is the largest county in area in Norway. It is 9704 km2 and almost as big as the Netherlands. Out of this area 640 square kilometers is productive fishing waters created by about 10 000 different small lakes. There are approximately 3,000 people in Kautokeino multiplicity. Kautokeino town has 2000 residents and Máze with nearly 400 residents. The rest are scattered in 14 small villages around the county. Over 50% of the population is under 30.

The county is in the far north on the tundra, and is bounded to the north to Alta, Karasjok in the east, Troms county (Nordreisa and Kvænangen and multiplicities) in the west and Finland (Enontekio / Hetta county) in the south.

Central Finnmark is one of the driest areas, with a subarctic climate. It has stable cold winters and hot summers. The sun is below the horizon for approx. 7 weeks from the middle of November to mid January. The midnight sun is from late May to August.

The landscape is rich in resources such as wildlife, fish and berries. Here are rocks / stones that are in high demand for facade and decorative stone on the international market. Test drilling shows and deposits of minerals and noble metals in scattered areas.

About 85 -90% of the population are Sami-speaking, and Sami and Norwegian are equal as administrative languages.

Kautokeino has a diverse cultural and organizational life by nearly 80 different clubs and organizations. The county area includes churches / chapels, culture house with cinema, theater, gymnasium, museum, museum, artist workshops and activity centers for the elderly.

Special events are the Sámi Easter Festival which is a cultural, reindeer race, sports, film and music festival with nearly 40 events. Central to the festival include Sami Grand Prix, the traditional World reindeer racing and Sami Film Festival with ice cinema. The festival is now organized as a separate foundation. Furthermore, there is a harvest festival with lakes for scooters, as well as music and film events.

Reindeer herding is the main industry in the county. Reindeer with other outlying industry is a mainstay of the Sami culture.