KOLT 2007

KOLT / 16th – 22nd of July

The first Kolt event was organized in Bohuslän in the summer of 2007. There were 17 participants from France, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. Together they worked with 15 different projects.


Agneta Ekamn Wingate (Sweden, photography)
Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Astrid Askberger (Sweden, filmmaker)
Cajsa Ottesjö (Sweden, linguist)
Elle Sofe Henriksen (Norway, danceartist)
Florence Michelle (France)
Guillaume Hairaud (France, sound artist)
Hanna Lagerlund (Sweden, art student)
John Huntington (Sweden)
Lena Kimming (Sweden, danceartist)
Lizzie Sells (United Kingdom, danceartist)

Liina Nilsson (Sweden, design)
Mathieu Thibau (France, animation /illustration)
Mathilde Decaux (France)
Maria Svensson (Sweden, danceartist)
Miriam Mathson (Sweden, project planning)
Märta Jansdotter (Sweden, economist)
Ojla Abazovic (Sweden)
Tormod Otter Johansson (Sweden, text/ philosophy)
Torsten Ottesjö (Sweden, design/architecture)
Ylva Henriksson (Sweden, danceartist)

KOLT 2007 projects

Portrait and interview

Agneta took pictures and interviewed participant at Kolt, documenting the event generally as well as for the first time photographing dance.

"the Middle-size"

Tormod brought a research about how to design, create and use a possible middle size of letters, making something in between small and capital letters that could enrich our written language.

Human in nature

Torsten tried out how human interference could work and not work in accordance to natures own way of organizing itself.

Kindergartens play VS Existential sculpture

Miriam brought loads of paper scraps, wire, crayons, glue etc for the participant to create small sculptures from. Spawning a discussion on how the Swedish school system deal with individual creativity in children.

DIY: After the Catastrophe Sci-Fi Equipment

This was an exploration in constructing useless and useful things that might be needed in the not so far away future.

Body and space

Lena´s interest was to look at how a body can blend into a space contra stand out. She framed a piece of land with the camera, both to restrict the workspace and to get an outside view.


Liina wanted to try out different ways of making light travel in the landscape. She want to look at ambiences and contrasts by using natures own light bearing properties and by building different object to move and transform light with.

How can we make dance in nature?

Elle Sofe asked herself how do we naturally move in nature, and can we use that movement to create dance in nature? Rough untouched nature is powerful. A human performing a contemporary dance phrase often seems insignificant and small in nature. 

Internal and outside space.

Maria and Lizzie worked with improvisation, exploring various spaces and improvisation structures. Looking at internal and outside space.


Olja used Kolt to try how it is to lead a group through Feldenkrais. He wanted to see if this is something he would like to work with in the future.

Living and Work space

Cajsa brought an issue from her home; how do you as a family share a mixed work/living space?