KOLT Bokenäs 2008

KOLT Bjällansås / 2nd – 8th of June

This was a small Kolt in Bjällansås with 8 participants from Norway and Sweden. Togehter they worked on 6 different projects.

KOLT Bjällansås was organized with supported by Nordic Culture Point and the dance Office in Västra Götalandsregionen.


Anders (Sweden, design / fashion design)
Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Cajsa Ottesjö (Sweden, linguist)
Ingvild Kaldal (Norway, art students)

Olof Lage Melander (Sweden, fashion/design)
Linnea (Sweden, potter)
Tormod Otter Johansson (Sweden, text/ philosophy)
Torsten Ottesjö (Sweden, design/architecture)

KOLT Bokenäs projects


Ingvild wanted to use Kolt to learn how to, by using as few resources as possible, film a smooth glide through the landscape.

Conversation analysis

Cajsa wanted to enrich the conversation analysis method she uses in her research by looking at if movements also can be written down clearly and objectively.

The Dome

Linnea wanted to build a mobile workplace/studio in the form of a dome. It was important that it would be cheap and it would go to take it apart quickly.

Masters of Elevation

Building small homes/beds/pods that can hang from trees. To build a tree hut, to use the aesthetics and the positive energy it gives Olaf is a big part of the project. The aim is not perfection but an explorative joyful process.

Ghost dance

Alexandra wanted to test different ways of catching dance movements, not using film or photograph. 

Sound backpack in plastic

Anders came to Kolt to try to make the actual box (the backpack) in plastic. It has previously been made of wood or aluminum. Anders built the box by layers of polystyrene with various nylon fabrics as reinforcement.