KOLT Bokenäs 2009

KOLT Bokenäs / 16th – 26th of July

KOLT Bokenäs was organized at Orrevik farm. Here 14 participants from Portugal, Sweden and USA gathered. Together they worked with 12 different projects.

KOLT Bokenäs was organized with support from Västra Götalandsregionene.


Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Astrid Askberger (Sweden, filmmaker)
Cajsa Ottesjö (Sweden, linguist)
Carl Oskar Sjögren (Sweden, theatre director)
Christian Dokmo (Sweden, engineer)
Clara Gerdmar (Sweden, theatre director)
Ejnar Askberger (Sweden, musician)

Joe Pflieger (USA, photographer)
Mathieu Thibau (France, animation /illustration)
Maria Richter Simsek (Sweden, project manager)
Marika Lundberg (Sweden, social worker)
Tormod Otter Johansson (Sweden, text/philosophy/law student)
Torsten Ottesjö (Sweden, design/ architecture)
Vanessa Abreu (Portugal, danceartist)

KOLT Bokenäs projects

A film about Greta

Astrid had recently been in the U.S to film material for a documentary. At Kolt she cut it and discussed the material with the other participants.

Carl Oskar

Carl Oskar was a little short film.


Tormod project was to document Kolt through asking the participants different questions. The goal was to film every day and to create next day´s theme after having see that material he filmed that day.

Solar panels

Christian built a solar panel designed to produce hot water. The goal was to explore the technology.


Cajsas project explored different conflicts and power structures within conversations.

The Time Machine

Maria works as a project management in creative processes. She used Kolt to investigate time. She wants to create a method where you could neutralize the sense of time in order to enhance the creative process.


The aim of Torsten and Tormod project was to challenge themselves and to test to work daringly. The goal was to build an airplane and to just do it, not plan and to be able to test its flight ability in the end of the week.

A solo

Vanessa had begun a new choreographic work and used Kolt to examine the material, both alone and together with others.

Photographing nature as portraits

Joe spent time on Kolt to photographing the landscape, and in different ways working with portrait photography.


Mathieu spent time at Kolt to work with an animation film he was currently working on and to discuss their work with the other participants.

What makes a nifty material?

Alexandra wanted to explore dance material and try to understand what she thinks makes an aesthetic and visually interesting material.