KOLT Kautokeino

KOLT Kautokieno was organized in connection with Sámi Easter festival. There were 10 participants from Norwegian Sápmi, Denmark, Sweden and Greenland.
Together the participants created 11 new projects and brought 6 finished works. KOLT Platform was shown at Arctic Studios, Kautokeinomovie's premises.

KOLT Kautokeino was organized with the support of Finnmark fylkeskomune, NAPA and the Swedish Arts Council. And in cooperation with Arctic Studios, Sámi Easter Festival and Kautokieno Ungdomsskule.

KOLT Platform program. Press Altaposten. NRK Sápmi radio in Sami. NRK Sápmi radio in Norwegian.


Ejnar Askberger (musician, acrobat, Sweden).
Victoria Brännström (artist, performer, pedagogue, Sweden).
Lana Hansen (writer, journalist, engineer,Greenland/Denmark).
Elle Sofe Henriksen (choreographer, dancer, Norway).
Rávdná Turi Henriksen (religion, language, Norway).

Solveig Johanne Thomassen (artist, performance, text, Norway).
Stine Marcinkowski (dancer, performer, choreographer, Denmark).
Louisa Mienna Sjoberg (scholarship in religion a fine landscape, Norway).
Helen Swartling (art and craft artist, Sweden).
Alexandra Wingate (choreographer, dancer, Sweden).

KOLT Kautokeino projects

Meeting at the wall

a performance by Stine Marcinkowski, Marianne Kjärsund, Ejnar Askberger, Alexandra Wingate and Hilde Pedersen Skanke with the slidshow piece “Here, there and everywhere”.


a poem by Victoria Brännström, read by Skanke Hilde Pedersen.

The wide line, life woven in white cloth

a performance by Stine Marcinkowski, Victoria Brännström and Solveig Johanne Thomassen.

Construction Pain

a performance by Ejnar Askberger, Helen Swartling and Alexandra Wingate.

Duet against green

a performance by Skanke Hilde Pedersen and Marianne Kjärsund.

Dim radio bunker

a performance by Stine Marcinkowski, Marianne Kjärsund and Victoria Brännström.



three video sketches of the Victoria Brännström, Marianne Kjärsund and Solveig Johanne Thomassen.


an installation by Solveig Johanne Thomassen.

Dim radio bunker

an installation of Stine Marcinkowski, Marianne Kjärsund and Victoria Brännström.


posters of Lana Hansen.

Sivdnádus / Creation

a product sketch of Rávdná Turi Henriksen and Lovisa Mienna Sjoberg.

Finished works


video documentation of workshops and performances. Konstfack Gallery, Stockholm 2005. By Victoria Brännström.

Biegga savakala duoddar duohken lea Soames

a film of Elle Sofe Henriksen.


a film of Lana Hansen.

Spring Joy

a garment of Helen Swartling.

BOREALIS diva of the Year - Ellen No O.Hätta

a photo of Solveig Johanne Thomassen. (finished project idea, photographing and completing in Kolt)

... Plan a breath into a breath-out plan b .. eh?

an installation by Solveig Johanne Thomassen.