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Ejnar Askberger

From Sweden. Born 1981. Musician and acrobat.

Ejnar studied at three different colleges during the years 2000-2007, focusing on jazz and folk music. He has made music to documentary movies and played in different bands.

In the last few years Ejnar has been more and more interested in dance, movements and their relation to sounds/music. 2009/2010 he performed with dancer choreographer Vanessa Abreu in the piece “From 1953 to here and there…and then? And never again!”. Ejnar is presently exercising and taking acrobatic and dance courses at Cirkus Cirkör, SSIF and DOCH in Stockholm. He is also a leader of a multidisciplinary performance that will take place in Bohuslän, Sweden in august 2011.

Ejnar Askberger´s web page (Swedish only).

Victoria Brännström

From Sweden, performance.

Victoria Brännström works are usually some form of social interaction where the audience, an existing or created group interact with each other or though meeting an audience. Brännström´s own role in the various works ranges from performing to being on the side, directing.

The starting point of Brännström´s work is to create a platform for an issue or for a claim that is investigated through a created situation attempts to formulate a response or further questions. Gender, social patterns and the status and social codes are key issues that, in different ways , manifest themselves in Brännström´s works. There is a strong attraction towards folk tradition, the individual's story and the ability of a group in her sphere of influence. A place or a particular situation is often a prerequisite for the works.

Documentation from an event is further developed by Brännström and in some is cases and presents as video or audio works.

Victoria Brännström´s web page.

Ejnar Askberger

Victoria Brännström

Lana Hansen

From Greenland, born 1970, has made several clmate events, a exebition, and one childrens book about climate change as well as a short film.

Elle Sofe Henriksen

From Norway, choreographer and dancer.

Elle Sofe has training at Laban and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2009 she undertook a commission by Kalottspelfolkdance and music festival together with Sigurd Johan Heide, Silje Onstad Hålien, Ingeleiv Berstad and composer Snorre Bjerk. Elle Sofe has choreographed and directed a dance film together with Ken Are Bongo. The film has been shown worldwide and won two prizes. She works as a dancer with Åarjelsaemien Teatere (South Sámi Theatre). She has also worked as choreographic consultant for Beaivváš Sámi National Theatre. In addition, Elle Sofe has taught dance and yoga. She is artistic director for the event KOLT at Riddu Riđđu Indigenous People’s festival.

Elle Sofe Henriksen´s web page.

Rávdáa Turi Henriksen

From Kautokeino, Norway, born 1954. ”I am educated as a interpreter (north-sami) and in that way I am a ”word artist”.“

Marianne Kjærsund

From Norway, born 1976, dancer and pedagog.

Marianne has a Cand. Mag. degree in ballet pedagogy at Bodø University College (2001) as well as a one-year training in dance in Oslo and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She works as a freelance dance artist and contemporary dance pedagogue in Scandinavia. She has participated on stage in whole-evening solo and ensemble projects with, amongst others, Malin Hellkvist Sellen (S), Karen Foss, Hooman Sharifi, Inger Reidun Olsen, Mia Habib, Henriette Pedersen and Emma Nordansfors (DK). She teaches directing for, amongst others, PRODA, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad, Sunnhold Folkehøgskole and Spin Off for preliminary studies in dance.

Rávdna Turi Henriksen

Marianne’s work centres around creating a form of expression in collaboration with other artists, whereby particular ideas manifest themselves through research and raising questions.
Her teaching is based on relaxation techniques which exploit the potential energy in the body’s structure to create a conscious, supportable and sensitive dance.

Stine Marcinkowski

From Denmark, born in 1980, is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), choreographer, dancer, performer and yoga teacher.

Stine is a choreographer and performer who presents solo and collaborative works internationally. As a choreographer and performer, she is interested in utilizing principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga and Roy Hart-based voice work as body practices to support improvisation and new genre choreography which does not follow traditional dance vocabulary and structures. In her work she uses imagery as a way of discovering new improvisational and choreographic resources from sound, image, and sensation.

Stine Marcinkowski´s web page.

Stine Marcinkowski

Hilde Skancke Pedersen

From Norway, is a painter, writer and designer (among other for theatre).

She is a graduate of National College of Art and Design in Oslo and at the the Author program at the University of Tromsø.

She works as a painter, playwright and scenographer / costume designer.
In all these genres, she is influenced by nature, environment, culture and surroundings from the places she has lived and visited, but are most influenced by life in Finnmark.

Hilde Skancke Pedersen
Photographer Anne Olli/NRK

The different impulses she receives from the environment are often uses in his art to express the experience of the human. In the works “people” still is mostly absent, but one can occasionally see traces of them. Or she allows plants and trees represent the signs of life that survive and flourish in a barren meadow.

As a visual artist is her major decoration of foyer of the Sami Parliament. She has also held numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad.

The play “Vardøger - Váigasat” and the dramatization of her novel, Laila trail's ” Vekselsang “ is produced for the stage by among other Beaivváš Sámi Teáther.

As a designer she has worked for 30 years with costumes and set design for theater, dance, opera, film and television in Southern and Northern Norway. She was recently awarded the Government's two-year scholarship through the Norwegian Association for set designer.

Lovisa Mienna Sjöberg

From Swedish, lives in Norway, has a research scholarship at Sami allskuvla and works with religion / faith and life interpretation questions.

Helen Swatling

From Sweden, born 1956, is a versatile art- and crafts person with influences from Jokkmokk, Ethiopia, Israel and Iceland. She often works in textile and leather.

Alexandra Wingate

From Sweden, born 1981, choreographer and process / project manager.

Alexandra studied Dance Theatre BA (hons) and MA Choreography at Laban Trinity, London graduating in 2009. Her choreographies “Rapacious Excellence”, “Mutism and Mutability”, “Solo for Two” and “2 & 1 Gloomy Sundays” have been performed in Sweden, Norway, Germany and United Kingdom. During this time she has also had the pleasure to perform in “The Dinner Club” by interactive theatre group Poste Restante, “The Beginning of Something” by choreographer Vangelis Legakis, “The electro acoustic van” a mobile interactive project by sound artists Johannes Bergmark, Tippi and Luc Kerléo and “Ii dan died mas dat boatha” by choreographer Elle Sofe Henriksen. Since November 2009 she is exploring perfrormative art together with the collective Uttryckslabbet and director Michael NorIind through the workshop series “In-between the Chairs” and “Påsk Performance”.
Alexandra is also the founder and project manager of “KOLT – a creativity workshop”.

Mutism and Mutability, public space version.
Rapacious Excellence.

Helen Swartling

Alexandra Wingate