KOLT Riddu 2010

KOLT Riddu / 13th to 25th of July

KOLT Riddu was organized in cooperation with the festival Riddu Riddu. The theme was “climate change through indigenous peoples eyes.” There were 16 indigenous artists from Brazil, Finland, Greenland, Guatemala, Norway, Russia and Sweden.
The participants created 13 projects and two seminars. The two seminars where created in collaboration with the Riddu festival.

KOLT Riddu was organized through Riddu Riddu and was supported by Barentskult and the Foreign ministry. The Riddu Riđđu festival also receive support from the Arts ministry, Sametinget, Troms county and Kåfjord multiplicity.

Read what the participants wrote about KOLT Riddu.
Article from Nordlys July 2010
Listen to a radio clipp on KOLT Riddu. From NRK:


Anna Åsdell (Sweden, actress)
Alexey Chunanchar (Russia, musician/crafts/storytelling)
Artysj Opyjla (Russia, throat singing/musician)
Banhi-re Kayapo (Brazil, photography/film/collages)
Elle Sofe Henriksen (Norway, danceartist)
Heli Huovinen (Finland, theater/photography)
Lena Sternberg (Sweden, installation/fashion)
Lisandro Gonzalez (Guatemala, musician/performance)

Joar Nango (Norway, architecture/objects/installation)
Matti Aikio (Finland, visual arts/photography)
Maria Kjäerluff (Greenland, painting/sculpture)
Mike Thomsen (Greenland, musician/actor)
Torgeir Vassvik (Greenland, musician/composer)
Rodrigo Petrella (Brazil, film/photography)
Rosa Chavez (Guatemala, poet)
Vasily Batagaj (Russia, musician/crafts/storytelling)

KOLT Riddu projects

Sketch projects

The first two days the participants made small sketches.

Art Seminars

In collaboration with Riddu Riđđu Kolrs participants created two seminars.

Sculpture / Crafts (World map and Charms)

Vasily created a world map out of reindeer skin where all the participants and their culture was represented.

Alexey creation a statue out of reindeer anthers and asked all participants to create objects and images that represent them and their culture.

Installation (bandage)

Lena created a installation based on the idea of nature protection requirements. The installation had two parts, one was in the water and the other on the island in the river.

Poetry Performance

Elle Sofe, Rosa and Heli created a poetry performance at and river. They worked with the theme of water as sacred.

Music, drums and improvisation

Torgeir, Mike, Lisandro, Artysj and Alexey worked together exploring their different musical traditions. Together they had three public concerts, a jam for the Kolt participants and created a few happenings. One project where formed around traditional drums, as instruments and as cultural symbols. The second concert was by instruments and vocals. They also had an improvisation session Riddus audience.

Figure / Sculpture / performance

Maria, Anna, Elle Sofe and Joar created together a creature/sculpture that you could wear and act in. This figure was included in two different performances and as well as acted as an oracles at the festival market. They imagined that earth was a person, and that if earth had a relationship with a person it would regard as high-dysfunctional relationship. “I love you but I will give you poison.”

Installation of yarn

Rodrigo and Banhai-re created with an installation of yarn. They worked with idea of how interconnected we all are with each other and with nature.

Installation Olde tree

Matii and Joar created an installation around the discovery that trees in Olde in Manndalen where dying. They interview local people around Manndalen, asking why they thought this was happening and created a sound installation.

Poetry reading and music

Rosa held a poetry recital in one of Riddus lavaus, accompanied by Torgeir on song and drum. Rosas works with theme about the Mayan culture and the woman.


Banhi-re created different collage series based on photographs taken during Kolt. In his own language he then created fictional stories out of the pictures.

Sculpture / totempole

Lena, Artysj, Alexei and Vasily created a sculpture of wood at the festival entrance. They played with totempolens tradition.