KOLT Skärkäll 2008

KOLT Skärkäll / 7th – 17th of August

This was a bigger Kolt in Skärkäll with 18 participants from Chad, Finland, France, Norway and Sweden. Together they worked on 12 different projects.

KOLT Skärkäll was supported by Nordic Culture Point and The dance Office in Västra Götalandsregionen.


Agent Ekamn Wingate (Sweden, photo)
Anna Fridén (Sweden, communications techniques)
Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Bruno Mathez (France, filmmaker/animation)
Cajsa Ottesjö (Sweden, linguist)
Charaf Adine (Chad, agriculture)
Emma Gran (Sweden, danceartist)
Helena Dahlberg (Sweden, philosophy)
Helka Kaski (Finland, danceartist)

Ina Dokmo (Sweden, danceartist)
Ingeborg Sanders (Norway, danceartist)
Lena Kimming (Sweden, danceartist)
Maria Svensson (Sweden, danceartist)
Olle Söderström (Sweden, danceartist)
Olof Lage Melander (Sweden, design/fashion design)
Rebecka Ohlson (Sweden, danceartist)
Tormod Otter Johansson (Sweden, text/philosophy)
Torsten Ottesjö (Sweden, design/ architecture)

KOLT Skärkäll projects


Ingeborg wanted to make a dancefilm in which she could only use the hands. She wanted to explore hands expressiveness and our relationship with them.

Goddesses and memories

Agneta used Kolt to start researching a new photo project, the Road to the Goddess.


Call in the dark

Anna wanted to use the Kolt to explore her vocational subject. Normally, she works with communications techniques; she facilitates various communication processes or help to resolve conflicts at works places. She used Kolt to perform a series of experiment.

Site-specific and "now"

Ina and Helka had just started to collaboration aiming to create a dance piece. At Kolt, they wanted to find a way, through improvisation, and the practice of finding the now in oneself and in the place they were at that moment. 


Emma and Helena has previously discovered that the work they do, in their respective professions (choreography and philosophy), revolve around the same issues. At Kolt they wanted to examine the actual meeting and the dialogue, and how it can be accomplished using language as well as various non-verbal means.

The farm Chad

The farm Chad is a non-profit organization that works to improve the farmers in Chads own ability to exploit the agricultural capacity. Charaf wanted to use Kolt to look at how to structure the work of the association.

Research on choreography NCSD nothing.choice.subject.disturbance

Alexandra wanted to use Kolt to get input from other participants, on how the dancers used the set in the choreography.

Curved to Straight

Torsten wanted to build curved lines in a straight materials. The main objective of the work on Kolt was to understand what techniques he would use when building curved structures.

A survey of "present"

In Marias project the participants were asked to work and reflect on the experience of now. They did this by meditating, talking and moving in the wild (in groups or in private).

Projection on the nature

Bruno wanted to show examples of what the technology he was working with could do to get feedback from the other participants. Feedback that would lead to a deeper understanding what the possibility of that particular technique is.

Masters of Elevation 2

Part two of the masters of Elevation is about lighting the surroundings and objects in order to create exciting environments.

Conversation Analysis 2

Cajsa wanted to enrich the conversation analysis method she uses in her research by looking at if movements also can be written down clearly and objectively.