KOLT Bokenäs 2009

KOLT Skärkäll / 28th of June – 6th of July

KOLT Skärkäll was organized in connection with Bottna Cultural Festival. There were 8 participants from Sweden and United Kingdom.
The five Kolt projects where presented as a part of the festivals program in KOLT Platform. The participants also created a dance- and music jam.

KOLT Skärkäll was organized with support from Västra Götalandsregionene and Tanum kommun.


Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Carl Oscar Sjögren (Sweden, theatre director)
Ejnar Askberger (Sweden, musicissan)
Erik Sjögren (Sweden, musicssian)

Ina Dokmo (Sweden, danceartist)
Ida Thorén (Sweden, danceartist)
Lena Kimming (Sweden, danceartist)
Åsa Norling (Sweden/United Kingdom, scenographer)

KOLT Skärkäll Projects


Ida took an interactive dance piece that she had created during the last years at Danshögskolan. She wanted to develop the concept and used Kolt as a forum to discuss and to get feedback.

Music and dance jam

The Kolt participants created an open music and dance jam during Bottna Cultural Festival.

Potato Flour

Ina used Kolt to investigate a performance idea where she wanted to use cinnamon. At Kolt she tried the idea using potato flour.


Ina and Lena decided to work together in an open minded process, creating a duet together. At KOLT Platform they choose to show the duet material together with Ina´s potato flour solo.

Theatre with dancers?

Carl Oscar works as a theater director and wanted to use Kolt to test two things, working with improvisation and to work with dancers and musicians as performers.

The music

KOLT Skärkäll had two musicians who worked together in different projects. They composed the music for Carl Oskar´s project. They created a series improvisations rules and exercises that they examined together, both by themselves and together with the whole group.