KOLT Skärkäll 2010

KOLT Skärkäll / 27th of June – 5th July

Kolt Skärkäll was organized in connection with Bottna Cultural Festival. There were 11 artists from Greece, Finland, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom. The participants created 9 projects and one seminar. Three of the projects where projects the participants had previously worked on before Kolt and where performed as a part of the festivals program. The other six were created at Kolt and was performed/discussed in KOLT Platform

KOLT Skärkäll was supported by Tanum multiplicity.

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Article from Bohuslänningen July 2010. Page 1
Article from Bohuslänningen July 2010. Page 2


Alexandra Wingate (Sweden, danceartist)
Carl Oscar Sjögren (Sweden, theatre director)
Ejnar Askberger ( Sweden, musician)
Jasmiina Sipilä (Finland, danceartist)
Jonahtan Silén (Sweden, theatre/installation)
Katja Nyqvist (Finland, danceartist)

Lena Kimming (Sweden, danceartist)
Maija Mustonen (Finland, performance art/conceptual art)
Noura Sanatian ( United Kingdom, musician)
Vanessa Abreu (Portugal/United Kingdom, danceartist)
Vangelis Legakis (Greece/United Kingdom, danceartist)

KOLT Skärkäll projects

The Beginning of Something

An improvised solo in a light and sound installation. Choreographer Vangelis Legakis, dancer Alexandra Wingate.

Improvisation in garden

All the Kolt participants created an improvisations performance in a garden. This performance was a part of a seminar on gardening as a creative process/project.

Forever Until The End

Installation outside Gerlesborg school gallery by Carl Oscar Sjögren and Jonathan Silén. The installation was created during Kolt and used a used a telescope to give the audience access to a performance far away.

KOLT Platform / Seminar and perforamnce

At KOLT Platform Jasmiina Sipilä and Katja Nyqvist presented their research. Alexandra Wingate and Lena Kimming performed Rapacious Excellence and Lena Kimming showed Deborah Hay solo project to discuss the approach to dance material in these differences solo. All participants took part in Kolts discussions and Vanessa Abreu acted as moderator for the seminar.

Study 1/Dance Katja Nyqvist and Jasmiina Sipilä used Kolt to explore themes, concepts and ideas in an upcoming production. They worked together, improvising, in different space outside and inside.

Study 2/Dance Lena Kimming made an examination of different performance modes within the solo form. She used different kinds of music and different performance spaces.

Hansel and Gretel

A site specific interactive performance by Maija Mustonen and Lena Kimming.

From 1953 to here And There ... and then? And never again!

Vanessa Abreu solo shows us three characters, scenarios and moods. Performing together with her musicians Ejnar Askberger and Noura Sanatian.

Rapacious Excellence

A solo based on step-up aerobics. Choreographer Alexandra Wingate, dancer Lena Kimming.