Quotes, a selection.

In 2010 we organized Kolt twice, KOLT Riddu in Norway and KOLT Skärkäll in Sweden.

KOLT Riddu was in collaboration with the indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu in Tromsö, north of Norway. KOLT Riddus theme was “Climate change through indigenous people’s eyes” and gathered 17 artists from Guatemala, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Russia.

KOLT Skärkäll was a part of Bottna Cultural Festival in Bohuslän, the Swedish west coast. There were 11 artists from Greece, Portugal, Great Britain, Finland and Sweden.

Lena Kimming / Danceartist / Sweden

“When I left KOLT Skärkäll I brought with me a power and energy that led me to seek greater challenges. A newfound strength from working as closely with these amazing people while breaking ground in my own work. ”

Jonathan Silén / Theatre/ Sweden

“We spent more than 20 hours walking up and down the road and talk about what we were doing. These talks would certainly not been possible to do as well in an apartment in Gothenburg and the final result had probably become more predictable and less developing for me and practice”

Mike Thomsen/actor and musician / Greenland

“Personally I feel that we here in Greenland do not use our own cultural material enough, after seeing other cultures bringing their clothing and music to use while showing their own ways of expressing themselves. That inspires me to use my own Inuit materials more.”

Anna Åsdell / Actress / Sweden

“Something I had not expected of the process, was that I would learn so much about myself, and about my own creative process. … … If I get a similar opportunity again I will jump on it immediately! ”

Torgeir Vassvik / composer and musician / Norway

“Kolt Riddu was a learning session, and a nice mix of challenges and being seen for what you came with. It was god to meet others who worked with their own creative processes and the fact that I learned more about my own work by putting it in relation to other process.