Practical information for KOLT Bokenäs

Work Facilities

KOLT Bokenäs will happen at Bjällansås farm and can offer one bigg well-equipped workshop, several barns and lots of outdoor space.

Equipment and materials

There are lots of tools and materials. If you need something that is not available on Bjällansås farm, you have to get it for yourselves. Contact Torsten with questions about materials and tools.


Each participants must prepare a 10 minute presentation themselves and their work. It is useful to show examples of your work, photos, film, recording, performance. This presentation will only be for others Kolt participants. We have a projector and speakers available for presentation.


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Participants pay travel and book themselves. It is advisable to book your trip well in advance, because then it is possible to get cheap tickets.

From Göteborg:
Air plane: Landvetter airport or Gothenburg city airport for Ryanair.
Bus: Västttrafik. Destination Bokenäs skola (about 5 km from Bjällansås) Train: Västttrafik. Destination Uddvevalla centralstation (about 29 km from Bjällansås). Or SJ. Destination Uddevalla Central (about 29km from Bjällansås)
Car: For directions. Destination Bjällansås gård, 451 96 Uddevalla, Sweden.

From Oslo:
Air plane: Gardemoen or Oslo Rygge for Ryanair.
Bus: Airport express (between Rygge and Go By Bus bus stop) and Go By Bus. Destination Torp terminal (about 20 km from Bjällansås).
Car: For directions. Destination Bjällansås gård, 451 96 Uddevalla, Sweden.

To travel between Olso and Torp terminal take Go By Bus.
To travel from Rygge take the airport express to Sarpsborg Quality Hotel. Walk to bus stop Sarpsborg Quality Hotel by highway E6. Go from there with Go By Bus to Torp terminal.

All participants must arrive at Botnik Studios Saturday evening on the 30th of July and leave on the 8th of August.

Kolt will be able to pick up participants at Dingle, Brygge and Knäm. Let us know when you arrive.

Accommodation / residence

Kolt participants will live in barracks at Bjällansås farm. There will be mattress and pillow. Participants must bring duvet cover / sleeping bags, bed sheets and towels. There are toilets, showers and the opportunity to wash clothes. All participants are responsible for buying and cooking there own food.

Climate and clothing

We recommend our participants to rain coat and trousers, wellies, general warm clothes and swimwear. The Swedish summer is generally warm, but Bokenäs is right by the ocean and the weather can change quickly. For weather forcast

For questions contact Alexandra or Torsten.