Practical information

This page contains general information about KOLT. To read more about a specific KOLT please go to KOLT Márkomeannu, KOLT Kautokeino, KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg or KOLT Bokenäs.

Work facilities and accommodation / residence

Please note that Kolt has inexpensive and therefore has simple conditions. We will do our best to ensure you get what you need to work and live during Kolt. But we ask you to think simple.

Equipment and materials

Kolt can borrow some basic equipment and materials, such as hammer, saw, hammer, buckets, shovels, paper, pen, tape, etc. depending on participant’s needs. If you want specific materials or equipment you need to pay for it yourself, we can help you get things from the local area.

Participants fee

Some Kolts has a participants fee. The participation fee is 1200SEK for KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg and 1200nok for KOLT Kautokeino and includes VAT at 25%.

We run KOLT though W.danceArt Economic Association and participants can pay on-site with cash or by invoice after the event.

If you wish to pay by a company / by invoice send us your company name, VAT number, contact person and address before the KOLT begins.

If you want to read more about the participants fee, why we have it and how to pay it.


Each participants must prepare a 10 minute presentation themselves and their work. It is useful to show examples of your work, photos, film, recording, performance. This presentation will only be for others Kolt participants. We have a projector and speakers available for presentation.


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Participants book and pay for their own tickets. We suggest that you book your tickets as soon as possible.

KOLT Kautokeino
Kautokeino Ungdomskule, Bredbuktnesveien 6, 9520 Kautokeino, Norge.

KOLT Márkomeannu
Nautå, 8536 Evenes, Norge.

KOLT Riddu
Fossen, 9144 Olmmáivággi, Norge.

KOLT Bokenäs
Bjällansås gård, 451 96 Uddevalla, Sverige.

KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg
Botnik Studios, Skärholmen Övergård 2, 457 48 Hamburgsund, Sverige.


Kolt will arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please tell us when applying if you have food allergies or special diets.

Inviting the public; KOLT Platform

There are two types of Kolt, one that is closed to the public and one that is open to the public.

An open Kolt have some days in the end of the working period that are open to the public. The participants get the opportunity to show the projects that created during the Kolt-week and examples of their work outside Kolt.

Opportunity for showing finished work

Unfortunately KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg has a limited capacity for showing finished work, and therefore has very specific requirements for it. Kolt still want to open the opportunity to view the finished work, because we consider it a good opportunity for artists to be seen.


  • The artist must pay freight or shipping of artwork to Bottna Gerlesborg.
  • If the artist has performative art such as music, dance, theatre, one can only show short parts of max. 25 min.
  • If the artists artwork includes other artists than themselves, the artist participating in Kolt must stand for costs. (It is perhaps possible to apply for visiting and travel support from your countries Art Council)
  • The artwork must be “finished” and ready to be showed/performed, without any additional preparation. Artists participating in Kolt cannot work with, rehears or prepare during the Kolt week.

For questions contact Alexandra