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Practical information for KOLT Kautokeino

Work Facilities

KOLT Kautokeino will use Kautokeino school and can offer workshop, sawing, arts and craft workspaces, as well as empty classrooms.

Please note that the standards are rudimentary at Kolt. We will do our best to ensure your needs are met during your stay, but we ask you to think simple.

KOLT Kautokeino bruker Kautokeino ungdomsskolen og kan tilby arbeidslokaler som sløydsal, tegnesal og tomme klasserom.

Vær oppmerksom på at Kolt har enkle forhold. Vi vil gjøre vårt beste for at du skal få det du trenger for å jobbe under Kolt. Men vi ber dere å tenke enkelt.

Equipment and materials

Kolt can borrow some basic equipment and materials, such as hammer, saw, hammer, buckets, shovels, paper, pen, tape, etc. depending on participant’s needs. If you want specific materials or equipment you need to pay for it yourself, we can help you get things from the local area.


Each participants must prepare a 10 minute presentation themselves and their work. It is useful to show examples of your work, photos, film, recording, performance. This presentation will only be for others Kolt participants. We have a projector and speakers available for presentation.


KOLT deltakere bor under enkle forhold i Kautokeino ungdomsskole. Deltakerne sover i klasserom, cirka 4-6 personer på hvert rom. Kolt ordner med madrass og pute. Deltakernr må själva ta med dynetrekk/laken og håndklær. Det finns toalett, dusj og mulighet for å vaske klær.

Det anbefales at kunstnere fra nærområdet også bor på skolen, fordi mye av Kolt handler om at man setter et intenst fokus på kunsten sin. Vi råder kunstnere å ikke ha andre prosjekt, oppgaver eller jobb under Kolt dagene.  


<googlemap width=“300px” height=“300px” lat=“69.01500” lon=“23.05000” type=“map” zoom=“13” controls=“on” kml=“http://www.kolt-kolt.se/_media/details.kml”> </googlemap>

Participants pay travel and book themselves. It is advisable to book your trip well in advance, because then it is possible to get cheap tickets.
Alta Airport: SAS and Norwegia.
Bus: Veolia Transports. Final destination Kautokeino Statoil.
Car: Kautokeino Ungdomskule, Bredbuktnesveien 6, 9520 Kautokeino. For directions

Participants from Greenland can apply for travel support from NAPA.

All participants must arive on the 15th of April and leave on the 24th of April.

Kolt can arrange a shuttle service Alta-Kautokeino, if the bus does not correspond with the aircraft.


Kolt will arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please tell us when applying if you have food allergies or special diets.

Accommodation / residence

Kolt participants live under simple conditions at Kautokeino school. Participants sleep in classrooms, about 4-6 people in each room. Kolt arrange mattress and pillow. Participants must bring duvet cover / bed sheets and towels. There are toilets, showers and the opportunity to wash clothes.

It is recommended that any participating artists from the area also live in the school, because a lot of Kolt's about putting an intense focus on your work. We advise participants not to have other projects, tasks or work under Kolt days.                                        

Climate and clothing

We encourage participants to bring warm winter clothing, thermal underwear, wool socks, warm winter coat, warm winter shoes, hat, gloves, scarves. It is winter and cold weather during Easter.  For weather forecast.

Participants need work clothes, casual clothing and dress clothes for concert / party.

Inviting the public; KOLT Platform 

KOLT Kautokeino is held in connection with the Sámi Easter festival and will open the two last days for the public. KOLT Platform´s program consists of projects that the participants have created during the Kolt-week and finished work they have brought with them.

Kolt uses the “lecture-demonstration format” for presenting art work in progress and work that still is in the idea phase to the public. Lecture-demonstration is an informal showing where the work is both demonstrated practical and where the artists talks about the idea and process. The demonstration part of the presentation can be in different formats, it can be digital, a performance, a workshop together with the audience, an event, etc. The aim is to enable the participating artists to share their process with the other participants and with the audience. This will help the artist's own reflection of their work. The display also makes it possible for the public to gain more insight into how the participating artists work and ask questions.

If a participant want to bring a finished piece to show as a part of KOLT Platform please notified us in your application and attach documentation of the piece.

KOLT Platform will use Kautokeino school and surrounding grounds for any site-specific locations. We are currently in dialog with the Sámi Easter festival about other possible performance and exhibit spaces. More information about this will be posted.

Opportunity for showing finished work

Unfortunately KOLT Kautokeino has a limited capacity for showing finished work, and therefore has very specific requirements for it. Kolt still want to open the opportunity to view the finished work, because we consider it a good opportunity for artists to be seen.


  • The artist must pay freight or shipping of artwork to Kautokeino.
  • If the artist has performative art such as music, dance, theater, one can only show short parts of max. 15-20 min.
  • If the artists artwork includes other artists than themselves, the artist participating in Kolt must stand for costs. (It is perhaps possible to apply for visiting and travel support from your countries Art Council)
  • The artwork must be “finished” and ready to be showed/performed, without any additional preparation. Artists participating in Kolt cannot work with, rehears or prepare during the Kolt week.

What we offer:

  • We have general lighting. You can specify how the light should start and stop. There will not be a light rehearsal.
  • Stage measurements of 10 x 4.5 m. It is white dance mat.
  • It is not possible to have scenorgaphy, unless it can be taken on and off of by the performers during one owns piece. We have do not have any stage workers or time devoted to rigging.
  • It is possible to accommodate participating artists at the school, but they need to bring something to sleep on and be responsible for their own food.
  • For concerts we have a PA system with a few microphones. For large ensemble, we recommend having an acoustic concert because of the lack of audio equipment.
  • We can make white walls for painting.
  • We can create small dark rooms that can be used for movie or sound installation.

For questions about showing finished artwork contact Elle Sofe